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A Modern Shift in Claims

The claims industry has come a long way in a short amount of time. With the introduction of new technologies in not only claims but all industries, customers are expecting more from the companies that they do business with. In the article “Claims Focus Shifts from Financial to Service Concerns: Conning” by Nathan Golia, it is noted that the claims industry has previously had 2 main focuses: reducing loss adjustment expenses and reducing indemnity costs. Now, however, customers are looking to have better customer service because in other industries there is an immediacy that provides the sense of control to the customer resulting in good customer service.

Providing good customer service is essential in any business especially in the claims industry. My book, Attitude, Ability, and the 80/20 Rule, has some of the same ideas that Golia talks about in the article. Customer service needs to be a focus in the claims industry in order to compete with other industries that are constantly changing. Most people, especially the claims industry, are in the business of customer service and having an attitude that reflects that through performance is key. After all, I believe performance is 80% attitude and 20% ability.

What do you think?


Thank You All

With the recent influx of subscribers my blog has received, I just wanted to take out the time to say thank you. This blog is for all of you reading and anything that you want to see here will be discussed. With that being said, let me know what you want to hear about and discuss. I enjoy writing this blog but I more so enjoy hearing from my readers and having conversations with them about a variety of topics.  Thank you all again for the support. Hopefully you enjoy the blog as much as i do.

2 New Books Released

“Gaining Cooperation for the Workers’ Comp Professional” and “Attitude, Ability and the 80/20 Rule” have been released! Go to to learn more about the books and to purchase.

Negotiation Maxim: Only Prove Yourself Right

In a recent article entitled “Gaining Cooperation,” I mention that one of the key negotiation maxims is that “You never have to prove anyone wrong; you only have to prove yourself right.” (Just Google “Carl Van Gaining Cooperation”)

Many people have asked me if claims professionals tend to fall into this trap. I would have to say that often they do. In fact, in our Negotiation Skills for Claims Professionals class, this comes up quite regularly. Most people want to be understood. If claims people take the time to let customers know they understand their point of view, they will find customers more willing to listen to their point of view. No one likes to be proven wrong. So, I always advise to acknowledge the other person’s point of view, and get back to discussing the facts.


Would love to hear your thoughts.

New Book Releases

In addition to my 2 current books, “The 8 Characteristics of the Awesome Adjuster” and “Gaining Cooperation,” I have 2 new books coming out soon. The books are “Gaining Cooperation for Workers’ Comp Professionals: 3 Easy Steps to Getting Injured Workers to Do What You Want Them to Do” and “Attitude, Ability and the 80/20 Rule: The Making of Exceptional Performers.” You can order the books at or buy on I’ll keep you updated on the exact release dates when they get closer.

Question Time

This week’s question comes from a topic that was started in my LinkedIn group page, Carl Van – Awesome Adjuster. The question was posed by one of my former students and friend and asked the question of whether claimants are the enemy to adjusters. My article, Customer Service and the Claims Professional, was cited in order to show that attitude influences performance more so than ability. This principle also relates to my new book that is coming out in the next couple of weeks “Attitude, Ability and the 80/20 Rule: The Making of Exceptional Performers.”

So my question to you is the same one posed by my former student. Do you think that claimants are the enemy? Or do you think that the way adjusters deal with claimants makes a difference in the way in which claimants are perceived?

New Article

I recently wrote an article called “Oh Her? She’s New: A Lesson in Attitude and Performance.” The article talks about how having a good attitude can help you have a better performance at work. I’m very excited about the article and I hope y’all like it after reading it. I’ll post all the locations of the article as I get them but for now, enjoy reading it on


Also, I’m giving an interview on the article today for VOWS, a bridal magazine, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll keep you updated for when that article comes out as well. Hope you enjoy reading the article and let me know what you think about it.

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