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The Eight Characteristics of The Awesome Employee by Carl Van!

The Eight Characteristics of The Awesome Employee

Hardcover $24.95

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GRETNA, LA—Pelican Publishing Company is proud to announce the release of The Eight Characteristics of the Awesome Employee, written by Carl Van.

Van will have readers looking for the awesomeness they have within themselves to renovate and rejuvenate performance in any job by incorporating his eight simple characteristics: attitude, time management, interpersonal skills, continuing education, customer service/empathy, desire for excellence, teamwork, andinitiative. The difference between a good and an awesome employee isn’t the individual’s talent, intelligence, educational background, or job knowledge; it is attitude. His often humorous, real-world examples steer the reader along the path to becoming more productive, more satisfied, and more successful in any job.

Discover the route to utilizing attitude to renovate and rejuvenate your performance in any job. Your transformation to awesomeness can be achieved by incorporating Carl Van’s eight simple characteristics into your daily performance:

  • Attitude
  • time management
  • interpersonal skills
  • continuing education
  • customer service/empathy
  • desire for excellence
  • teamwork
  • initiative

By using Can’s straightforward road map to success, driven by easy-to-understand examples of performance issues, you can develop these eight keys to becoming the employee you were meant to be. Each section focuses on one general characteristics and provides on-the-job examples that will lead the way, including quotes from popular songs for the journey of your career.

Carl Van is a poplular keynote speaker and opening presenter at claims conferences in the United States and Canada. He is the author of more than seventy-five technical and soft skills training workshops. He has dedicated his life to studying how people think and interact and has developed classes and programs to improve the success of individuals as well as business groups.

“A few years ago I published a trade book entitled, The 8 Characteristics of the Adjuster. After some encouragement by a couple of publishers to rewrite the book for the general public, I finally did and expanded upon the original.

The new book, The Eight Characteristics of the Awesome Employee, is about as long as the original adjuster book, and is written directly for employees as opposed to those at the management level.”  -Carl Van


The Five Maxims for Negotiations #5 “Stay In The Conversation”

On this fifth and final installment of the five maxims, Carl explains how to control the conversation so you don’t get lost in defending your position.

The Five Maxims for Negotiations #4 “People Trust Those Who Try To Help”

On this fouth installment of the five maxims, Carl explains how people trust those who try to help them.  A simple twist in approach that yields more positive results.

The Five Maxims for Negotiations #3 “You Never Have To Prove Anyone Wrong”

On this third installment of the five maxims, Carl explains how you never have to prove anyone wrong, you only have to prove that you’re right.

7th Annual Claims Education Conference MAY 8-11, 2012


The Five Maxims for Negotiations #2 “Never Argue with Reasons”

On this second installment of the five maxims, Carl explains the best way to avoid arguing with reasons.

The Five Maxims for Negotiations- Maxim #1 “Point of View”

Carl Van give some great advice with his Maxims for Negotiations.  This first installment deals with understanding points of view.

Claims Education Magazine SPRING 2012!

Check out the new SPRING 2012 Claims Education Magazine Issue!

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Download the full issue PDF »

Check out the articles in this issue:

Training Talk

Feature Story
Ambassadors in the Field

Feature Story
Conference Comes Full Circle

News Brief

Dealing with Angry People.

Carl suggests how to deal with those angry people we all encounter at some point. (from the Customer Service Video Tip Series)

What Qualitites Do You Need to Have Good Customer Satisfaction?

Recently a chart explaining the difference between customer advocacy factors and customer satisfaction factors from the Peppers and Rogers Group landed in my e-mail. Upon inspection of the chart, I found that there was some very valuable information worth sharing that every customer service professional needs to know.

The chart explains that in order to have great customer satisfaction there are some factors that have to be provided by the customer service professional. These factors are being competent, be exceptional at handling issues, knowledgeable, and be available for the customer whenever they need them.

To tie this back to the world of claims, first and foremost claims professionals have to be knowledgeable in their field before they are able to provide good service to anyone. Continuing education classes and keeping up with relevant insurance news are just some ways to stay educated and provide better information in turn. After that, claims professionals need to know how to be empathetic and patient with their customers in order to handle the issues in the best way possible. Listening is the key when it comes to understanding followed then by reacting to the situation. The other important factor to keep in mind is that while working in any customer service field, especially in claims, you need to be available for your clients at any time they need you. No, this does not mean that you always need to have your phone next to you to take calls but it does mean that you need to get back to every client in a reasonable amount of time. Show your customer that you do have time for them and that you are going to help them in the best and most efficient way possible.

The chart also shows what factors are most needed to gain customer advocacy. Click on the chart to enlarge and tell me what you think.

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