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The 2017 CLAIMS EDUCATION CONFERENCE Brochure is NOW available!

The 2017 CLAIMS EDUCATION CONFERENCE Presented by American Educational Institute, International Insurance Institute and Society of Claim Law Associates.

The conference where AEI designees are recognized for their achievements


Click Here To Download the 2017 Claims Education Conference Brochure2017 Claims Education Conference Brochure


Do You Know The Maxims Of Customer Retention?


The 2017 Claims Education Conference heads to New Orleans!


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Claims Education Magazine SPRING 2012!

Check out the new SPRING 2012 Claims Education Magazine Issue!

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Check out the articles in this issue:

Training Talk

Feature Story
Ambassadors in the Field

Feature Story
Conference Comes Full Circle

News Brief

Dealing with Angry People.

Carl suggests how to deal with those angry people we all encounter at some point. (from the Customer Service Video Tip Series)

Dealing With Impatient People!

During the Holiday season shopping, keep in mind the wrong way and the right way of dealing with impatient people.  Happy Holidays to all!

Just Started a YouTube Channel!

Hello all on this lovely (yet rainy where I live) Monday morning!

I just wanted to let you know that I have recently started a YouTube Channel based off of the Claims Education Online Training clips. The clips will be 2-4 minutes long and taken directly from the training videos themselves. Every week or so a new video will be uploaded to the site. The newest clip is taken from the Critical Training class and is entitled Irrelevant Facts. So take a look at the clips at and subscribe to the channel as well if you want to stay up to date with the clip releases. I hope you enjoy them and if you are interested in taking the classes let me know (shameless plug I know) Enjoy!

Is Leading By Example Enough?

In every leadership class I teach, and in every coaching workshop I facilitate, there is always a group of people who believe that the best leadership technique is to “lead by example.”

After a review of the process, eventually, we come to the conclusion that leading by example is good, but really just not good enough.

The problem with leading by example, is that it only works if employees are looking for an example. Most of the time employees are too engaged in their daily work to be bothered looking for examples.

A step up from leading by example, is leading by “being a beacon.”  Being a beacon means to be a light that shines, and people will see it even if they are not looking for it. Certainly, if you want people to show up to work on time, you have to show up to work on time. But if you want people to appreciate the job they have and to stop complaining, it won’t help for you to just stop complaining yourself. You need to be a beacon, and get involved.

Be a Beacon.

More than just leading by example, which is to outwardly display the traits we want employees to emulate, we must become beacons, by extending ourselves and openly discuss those traits with the staff; reinforcing those traits in conversations at all times.  Some examples include:

Positive attitude toward the company.  This does not mean we say something we do not believe, but just to focus on some of the positives.  Complaining about things ourselves gives the staff permission to be annoyed and unhappy with the situation.

Reframe statements to make them positive.  To openly restate negative comments made by the staff.   Examples:

Comment: I have too much work.
Response: At least we have job security.
Comment: I get all the difficult files.
Response: Your supervisor must trust you.
Comment: The only time I see my supervisor is when I make a mistake.
Response: Your supervisor leaves you alone to do your job.

Provide positive feedback when appropriate.  Most often when goals are met.

Encourage improvement.  Track results and look for improvement in both individual and team performance.  Openly encourage improvement through all lines of communication.

Train them.  Show them how to get the answer.

Talk about Goals.  Constantly talk about the importance of meeting goals, what the goals are, how goals transfer into improvement, etc.

I would love to hear your opinions on the beacon method and other methods of inspiring employees.

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